Coffee Goes There and Other News

A fairly new website was launched recently and got some pub from the San Francisco Chronicle here. The site is called, and has a different take on supplying coffee to the masses. Well, actually, they’re not really looking to reach the masses, at least not yet, they are seeking to serve consumers looking to try excellent coffees from across the States. What’s different from most websites is that GoCoffeeGo offers selections from a number of roasters, including Coffee Klatch, Zoka, PT’s, Cuvee, Barefoot, and more. It seems like a pretty cool, one-stop shopping site for people to try new coffees, especially out-of-region coffees, and find some truly exemplary coffees out there.

Intelligentsia is also rolling out a new product soon, coffee blends (or is it just one blend?) inspired by musicians. The story is here. It’s a partnership between Intelly and San Francisco label Anticon. Could be interesting.

And where would we be without at least one Starbucks related story?  BusinessWeek is reporting that the green giant is releasing a new size for iced drinks: the trenta! Here’s the money quote:  “Starbucks Corp. hopes to satisfy their hankering for more with a new 31-ounce drink dubbed the Trenta, Italian for 30.” Does that mean there’s really 19 ounces in a venti?

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