Hurricane Hits Nicaragua
This NASA image shows Hurricane Ida coming ashore on the eastern side of Nicaragua.

Hurricane Ida barreled into eastern Nicaragua today just north of Bluefields. The storm’s trajectory is expected to carry it north through Honduras before possibly returning to the sea where it may regain strength before heading further north toward Mexico.

Multiple homes, businesses and farms are reported destroyed in Nicaragua and on the Corn Islands off of the Nicaraguan coast.

Most coffee is grown in the central and western side of the country, so we’ll have to wait and see as the storm progresses as to how much it may affect those regions. Of course it also may affect the coffee growing regions of Honduras if it goes further north. If you’ve spent any time in Central America in the coffee growing regions you’ll know that in most places the roads are rough and unpaved. They see plenty of rainfall throughout the year, but the flooding and mudslides that accompany many hurricanes can wreak havoc on the infrastructure. Here’s hoping that damage is kept to a minimum and that those affected receive aide and assistance soon.

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