Coffee Fest New Jersey Wrap

I’m done making my Snookie jokes ”Coffee Fest New Jersey was a freakin awesome time! Seriously, I’m stoked that Coffee Fest will be going back to this location in 2012: it was a short bus ride from downtown Manhattan and ”most importantly ”there is a HUGE coffee scene in this part of the country. It was a pretty stellar weekend.

This guy, Jeremy Sterner of Peregrine Espresso in Washington, D.C., was the big man of the weekend. Jeremy made coffee history when he won both the Latte Art Competition and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition in the same day! Nice work, Jeremy.
These lovely coffee nerdalicious ladies hung in the Barista Mag booth, much to my delight... from left, Sam Penix of Everyman Espresso and Rosettas for Relief; Katie Carguilo from Counter Culture Coffee, and Danielle Glasky of Stumptown Coffee NYC.
We're revamping the Latte Art Competition format: Millrock is no longer involved, for one thing, so the other sponsors ”Barista Magazine, Dillanos and Nuova Simonelli ”are working with Coffee Fest on a new bracket style contest, to debut at Coffee Fest Minneapolis. But the first major change we made was to lose the darn head phones that us judges (me, Chris Deferio and Matt Milletto) have been wearing for years now. It was nice to converse with each other and be more part of the experience. Between drinks, Chris (in this photo) sketches out his NERBC competition set up.

A ton of other fun stuff happened at Coffee Fest New Jersey, and to see photos of all the action, I urge you to head over to Barista Magazine’s Facebook Fan Page to see the photo album!

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