Are you planning a party, throwdown, or other coffee community event? Barista Magazine wants to help!

As proud advocates of the international coffee community, Barista Magazine works to support coffee events – no matter the size – all over the world. If you’ve got one coming up in your community, café, or neighborhood, let us know!

Barista magazine event support
Barista Magazine supports events for coffee professionals and communities near and far. We’d love to be a part of yours!

We can offer: Promotion on our social media, prizes for competitors, and giveaways for your attendees! The cost? Nada, zip, zilch! We just want to help make your event a success.

What we can provide: Recent issues of Barista Magazine for attendees; incentives and prizes including subscription gift cards, bags, hats, and more for top competitors, raffle draws, etc.

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(Please note, although Barista Magazine is happy to try to support any event for the professional coffee community and we will do our best for each request, not all events will receive materials, and available prizes and magazines may be limited depending on stock on hand, shipping times, and other factors.)

Thanks for submitting your request and for supporting the specialty coffee community!