A house on a slanted slope.
Cup of Excellence

Quality Shines at Cup of Excellence Nicaragua

Four coffees of 90+ points highlighted the 2021 incarnation of the annual event. BY CHRIS RYANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Alliance for Coffee Excellence Cup of Excellence (CoE), the competition organized by the nonprofit […]


Remembering Luis Lopez

I was traveling last week when I heard the heartbreaking news. Former Nicaraguan barista champion, and generally great person, Luis Lopez was killed in a motorcycle crash in his hometown of Managua on Saturday, August […]

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Climate Change

Severe Storms Rock Central America

Our friend, Henry Hueck, a coffee farmer and the organizer of the coffee conference Ramacafe, from Nicaragua, has been keeping us abreast of developments across Central America as tropical storms continue to pummel the countries […]

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New Barista Champion of Nicaragua!

Our oft roving reporter, Jay Caragay, was kind enough to email me a photo of the top six baristas in the Nicaragua Barista Championship, and the ranking order ”thanks, Jay! Be sure to check out […]

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Hurricane Hits Nicaragua

Hurricane Ida barreled into eastern Nicaragua today just north of Bluefields. The storm’s trajectory is expected to carry it north through Honduras before possibly returning to the sea where it may regain strength before heading […]