Barista Magazine Digital Offers Free Access to everything in Barista Magazine

We strive to keep Barista Magazine open and accessible to everybody in the global coffee community because we know people care about specialty coffee everywhere.

Since 2012, Barista Magazine has offered free access to our online versions of our issues with access via our E-pub for readers on desktops and laptops, and the Barista Magazine App for readers on their mobile devices.

Now we offer a unified electronic version of our magazine via Barista Magazine Digital!

Enjoy free access to our complete online archives via the new Barista Magazine Digital! Click the image above to get started.

The revamped Barista Magazine Digital provides the magazine on a single platform and common reader experience accessible via virtually any device with an internet connection.

Built on a HTML5 interface, Barista Magazine Digital is a complete replication of our print issue, with some exciting additional features. And since readers have access to the same edition on whatever hardware they’re using, it’s easier than ever for people across the country and around the world to read, enjoy and share Barista Magazine.

Every url in every ad is a live link, and with a touch of finger or click of a mouse, you can go straight from the page to the advertiser’s shop. 

With the single, unified reader experience (and a library of two year’s worth of issues currently available), the thousands of regular users of our two previous electronic platforms will now have an easier time than ever flipping through the virtual pages of Barista Magazine. And just like before, we will continue to offer free access to everything in Barista Magazine Digital to keep our global coffee community connected. 

Additionally, we appreciate that our readers like accessing the digital version of the magazine even when they’re offline. In the past, the only way to do that was to download issues via the app. Today, however, with the new Barista Magazine Digital, readers can download entire issues for offline reading to their phones, tablets, or computers.

Whether you like your Barista Magazine handheld, online, on-the-go, digital or in the classic paper format, we’ve got you covered!