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We’re always updating the Barista Magazine coffee events calendar with events throughout our global community. We support the professional specialty coffee community whenever and wherever we can. If you’re looking for coffee events near or far, this is the place to find them!



The Barista League
Madrid, Spain
Oct. 1

Caffe Culture
London, U.K.
Oct. 3-4

New York Coffee Festival
New York, N.Y.
Oct. 6-8

Coffee Shop Innovation Expo
London, U.K.
Oct. 10-11

HOST Milan
Milan, Italy
Oct. 13-17

Caffeine Crawl
Columbia, MO
Oct. 14

The Barista League
Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 21

Cincinnati Coffee Festival
Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 21-22


Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
Kona, HI
Nov. 3-12

San Jose, Costa Rica
Nov. 8-10

Brazil International Coffee Week
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Nov. 8-10

Cafe Show
Nov. 8-11
Seoul, Korea

World Coffee Leaders Forum
Seoul, Korea
Nov. 8-11

Coffee Fest Orlando
Orlando, FL
Nov. 10-11

High Density Coffee Conference by the Barista League
Nov. 16

World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 17-20

Taiwan International Coffee Show
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 17-20


The Barista League
Atlanta, GA
Dec. 2



The Barista League
Dubai, UAE
Jan. 11

Rimini, Italy
Jan. 20-24

World of Coffee – Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Jan. 21-23


Coffee Fest New York
New York, NY
March 3-5


The Amsterdam Coffee Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 4-6

Specialty Coffee Expo
Chicago, IL
April 12-14

World Brewers Cup & World Cup Tasters Championships
Chicago, Ill.
April 12-14


World of Coffee Busan
Busan, South Korea
May 1-4

World Barista Championship
Busan, South Korea
May 1-4

Melbourne International Coffee Expo
Melbourne, Australia
May 12 -14


Coffee Fest New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
June 14-15

World of Coffee &
World Latte Art, World Coffee Roasting & World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
Copenhagen, Denmark
June 27-29


Coffee Fest Los Angeles
Los Angeles, Calif.
Aug. 25-27


Coffee Fest Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Minn.
Oct. 11-12

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