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We’re always updating the Barista Magazine coffee events calendar with events throughout our global community. We support the professional specialty coffee community whenever and wherever we can. If you’re looking for coffee events near or far, this is the place to find them!



World AeroPress Championship
Vancouver, Canada
Dec. 1-3

The Barista League
Mexico City, Mexico
Dec. 3



Rimini, Italy
Jan. 21-25


Los Angeles Coffee Festival
Los Angeles, Calif.
Feb. 10-12

Let’s Talk Coffee
Copán Ruinas, Honduras
Feb. 20-25


Coffee Fest New York
New York, N.Y.
March 5-7

National Coffee Association Annual Convention
Tampa, Fla.
March 9-11


Specialty Coffee Expo
Portland, Ore.
April 21-23

London Coffee Festival
London, U.K.
April 20-23


Toronto Coffee Festival
Toronto, Canada
May 12-14

Sigep China
Shenzen, China
May 19-21

International Coffee Tea Asia
May 25-27


Coffee Fest Louisville
Louisville, Ky.
June 2-3

World of Coffee
Athens, Greece
June 22-24


World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 17-20

Taiwan International Coffee Show
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 17-20

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