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WBC Japan 2007

Bruised Reg

I think I’ve been in a bit of a bubble. I say this because I’ve recently discovered the true joy of a simple piece of equipment that many, many baristas have been using for a […]

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Barista Magazine

Meet Leah

I’ve talked about Leah a lot lately — in my letter from the editor in the August/September issue of Barista Magazine, and here on the blog — but I wanted those of you who don’t […]

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Non-Coffee Beverages

A New Specialty Drink

Let’s face the facts here:   We all drink a lot of coffee.   Whether we are participating in cuppings with our local roasters or enjoying a French pressed cup over a good book at […]

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Sydney Espresso

Well, hi there. This is my first ever authorship in terms of blogging, so thanks so much to Sarah and Ken for allowing me to use their space to do so. I’ve got a few […]

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Countdown By M'Lissa

M’Lissa Muckerman, barista goddess at Octane in the ATL, sent the cutest thing ever to me and Ken today. See, M’Lissa and her man, Chris Owens, are once again headed to the Nordic Barista Cup […]