Here's a 25-year-old Hawaiian Organ Donor

It was a bit overcast in Portland today, and we’d finished a bit of wedding planning work, a perfect excuse to see a movie Sarah and I have been waiting for all summer.

We loved it. If you’re not easily offended (even if you are, really) you ought to see it. The adventures of best friends Seth and Evan (the two kids on the poster) and their third wheel, Fogell, are alternatively painfully embarrassing, awkward and (since it’s not you) mostly hilarious, just like high school.

As we are huge fans of Arrested Development, Sarah I had high hopes as soon as we saw trailers for Superbad earlier this year with George-Michael (Michael Cera) in a starring role. From the moment the opening credits began, we knew we were in for a sweet, sweet movie.

And since it’s rated R (deservedly so), you don’t even have to wait for the dvd to see the good version. So the question is, “Are you McLovin?”


  1. I loved arrested development…. agh they showed it at midnight here for a while…then it was gone 🙁

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