Batdorf & Bronson rock Atlanta

I just got back from a whirlwind trip up the road to Olympia (to see my friends at Batdorf & Bronson, where I did a photo shoot for the October/November issue of Barista Magazine; I also got to hang with the dudes and ladies at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company & Espresso Parts), to Burien (to chill with our rockin new saleswoman, Leah Soenke Ruona), to Seattle (to hang with my pals Kyle and Rhiana, who just moved there from Portland; and to my delight, to spend some unexpected time with my Stumptown buds and get a sneak peek at the new cafes and roastery. I even got to see the always rad Aida Batlle of El Salvador), and back to Olympia (to spend time with my sister and do some wedding planning).


For a short trip (4 days), it was exhausting, but in the best possible way. I have lots of pics and news to share about these stops, which I’m going to post about in the next few days.

I would like to devote this post, however, to the awesome news coming out of Atlanta: Batdorf & Bronson’s new cafe is open for business! My friend, Jennifer Boelts of Batdorf, just emailed me these terrific pictures of the space (some of which show it pre-opening). Check it out!

bat outside

Here is an exterior shot (duh).



inside 2



But this is my favorite shot: Larry Challain, who owns Batdorf & Bronson with his wife, Cherie, at work setting up shop. I always love seeing the big bosses getting their hands dirty for the love of the business. Not everyone does it when they grow to Batdorf & Bronson’s size. It’s great that Larry and Cherie wouldn’t have it any other way.


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