A New Specialty Drink

Let’s face the facts here:   We all drink a lot of coffee.   Whether we are participating in cuppings with our local roasters or enjoying a French pressed cup over a good book at home, there is a good amount of caffeine going into our bodies.   Caffeine is good in moderation, but if you are reading this blog (and I don’t mean to make assumptions about anyone), you probably consume a more than “modest” amount of caffeine.

I began to think of other ways of countering the effects caffeine has on my body other than drinking water.   Last summer, I went on a complete detox from alcohol and caffeine(I still cupped and tasted, but spit out everything).   As I was on this detox I found that barbecue season is very difficult to feel quite right in without a tasty cold one in your hand.   Luckily, I went to a barbecue where my good friend who is a recovering alcoholic introduced me to the kind of tasty cold one:   KOMBUCHA.

I’m sure you’ve passed a soccer mommy or daddy on their way out of Whole Foods, guzzling down one of these.   It’s readily available from Millenium Products of southern California (I bet they drink a lot at Intelligentsia LA).   It is something you either love or hate, but I have been drinking it for a year now, everyday once a day, and it has become the yin to my yang of coffee drinking.

Kombucha is tea that has been fermented by microorganisms.   Every morning before work I have one, and it seems to keep my stomach and mental functions even, no matter how many shots of espresso I drink.   I drink it on my days off, on vacation, in the air, and everywhere. So when I found out you could make it yourself, I had to try.

Coincidentally, I found this video on one of my favorite blogs called Hot Knives.

It is a very good DIY instructional.   So I ran up the street to the market, purchased the necessary wares for brewing.   Now my closet has become a brew room for this drink.   It’s been a week since I planted the seeds for the MOTHER, and come a month from now, I should be knee deep in my own, home-brewed Kombucha.


  1. I did the brand name booch. It’s only been a week, but the little guy is growing up. He’s going to be a soccer player.


  2. hells yeah. i too enjoy the booch, teisl drinks it much more than anyone i know.
    thanks for the post, it’s great… making it on your own is surely the best way to beat the hefty price per bottle.
    now, a question…
    did you start with your favorite brand name booch? if i read write on that blog, all you have to do is pour (the entire bottle?) into a larger jar and let it sit for a month, then feed it tea and sugar? then you have the mother? interesting…
    can’t wait to try it!

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