Tamper cozies to Em's rescue!

Poor Emily Oak dropped her limited edition WBC Tokyo Reg tamper and scraped the luscious red paint. I feel for you, Em! But as Scott notes in the comments section, there is a creative and friggin adorable way for you and all other butterfingered baristas to protect your precious tamps! Jenny of Alterra is knitting her way to fame with these awesome tamper cozies, and she sells them for just $20/pop. You can customize them with your initials, your favorite colors, a bobble, what have you. Just email her at tampercozy@gmail.com for the deets.

tamper cozies


  1. Hi

    I live in Denmark and have seen your tamper cozies and think they are nice. How much will it cost to sent one to Denmark?

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best regards

    Sanne Remmer Madsbjerg

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