Countdown By M'Lissa


M’Lissa Muckerman, barista goddess at Octane in the ATL, sent the cutest thing ever to me and Ken today. See, M’Lissa and her man, Chris Owens, are once again headed to the Nordic Barista Cup next month, as are Ken and I, and we are all SO excited about it. We’re so excited about it that we sign all our emails to each other “Sweden love.” I’m so excited about it that I stood transfixed in Costco yesterday while a Peter Bjorn & John video played on one of the plasmas (I haven’t given up hope that I’m going to run into them in Gothenburg). And M’Lissa’s so excited about it that she made us a paper chain from Counter Culture Coffee bags, with every date leading up to the event written on the links. We thought it was only appropriate that we hang it from the line of Nordic flags we have in our office. Thanks, M’Lissa! You’re so great!



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