Want a Nobel Prize? Drink Coffee.

Want to get here? Drink coffee! Or just come to next year's NBC.
Want to get here? Drink coffee! Or just come to next year's NBC.

U.S. President Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize today in Olso, Norway. Although he said he had been inspired by the work and lives of previous winners like Gandhi and King, he didn’t mention the important role that coffee plays in sharpening the mind, inspiring creativity and providing a social outlet. (Perhaps that’s because the President doesn’t drink coffee.)

Other winners, however, did not pass up the chance to give a shout out to that delicious elixir and mental catalyst. As reported by NPR and posted here by the Examiner, the winners for economics, physics and chemistry all gave props to their daily intake of coffee, and credited the drink with helping them and their work.

Oh, also receiving notes of appreciation from the winners: freedom and independence.

Still, I think the lesson is: drink coffee, win prize. And don’t forget that you too can visit the charming capital of Norway, and home of the Nobel Peace Prize, next September for the Nordic Barista Cup!

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