Give a Green Gift to Kenyan Farmers

In an email I received from Diana Roach of ACDI/VOCA,I was thrilled to learn that the organization’s “The Greenest Gift” program has raised $6,000 so far! But there is still a ways to go ”the goal is to hit $11,000 in donations by the end of the year. Here’s what it’s all about:

The Greenest Gift is a gift of a greenhouse kit, water tank and the onsite training of an expert ACDI/VOCA volunteer to a Kenyan farmers group. One hundred percent of the money raised for this project will be used to make it happen ”the only ones benefiting from this will be the farmers. Well, and the consumers who will enjoy the amazing coffees they will have a much easier time producing with the gift, that is.


The Greenest Gift will go toward providing a group of Kenyan farmers with the technology and expertise they need to better combat rising hunger amid the worst drought in the country’s past 50 years.

Diana writes, “We have three more weeks to share the great news about our volunteers and find others who will join us to reduce hunger and poverty in Kenya through our Greenest Gift campaign. Together, we will reach our goal: better lives for Kenyan families.”

Recently in Kenya, ACDI/VOCA came across a practical, inexpensive way to boost farmers’ productivity and income. It involves a water tank and greenhouse like you can see here, plus the personal attention that only an expert ACDI/VOCA volunteer can give.”

Your gift helps pay to (1) purchase one Amiran Farmers’ Kit greenhouse system (including inputs like fertilizer) and a suitable water tank for a selected Kenyan farmers’ group, and (2) send an ACDI/VOCA expert volunteer to Kenya to work with the farmers on growing and marketing high-value vegetables.

Here are the details about donating:

How Your Donation Works

Your gift of $50, $100, $500 ”whatever you can afford ”will join the many other gifts we receive to reach the $11,000 needed to provide each installation. You as the donor also will receive details about the Kenyan beneficiaries, as well as the selected ACDI/VOCA volunteer, and you will be encouraged to maintain communications with both parties.

Your gift toward the $11,000 needed for this includes:

  • Purchase and installation of the drip irrigation components
  • Training of farmers by an ACDI/VOCA expert volunteer on the operation of the system (as well as on health and safety related to input use)
  • At least one follow-up visit from the ACDI/VOCA volunteer to fine tune operations and target local markets
  • The farmer group also will receive periodic visits from ACDI/VOCA in-country staff

With your help, this water tank, greenhouse and volunteer intervention can combine to create a powerful engine for prosperity, especially in drought-challenged, hunger-prone Kenya.

How? The water in the tank is used for drip irrigation to grow high-value vegetables in the greenhouse. 2009 was the driest year in Kenya’s last 50. By using this proven green technology, farmers are able to grow more ”and more nutritious ”food and earn more money.

With your support, we will help a selected farmers group receive this technology and marketing expertise so they can experience similar results.

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