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Dance, Monkey! Dance?

I saw this today and couldn’t believe it was true. But apparently, it is. Wow. As basketball season starts tomorrow (Go Blazers!), and those terrible rumors spread two years ago that Greg Oden hurt his […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Sad

Well, I guess I don’t know about the middle label, but here are a few stories around the world of coffee that I found interesting today. First, here’s a story from Boston about a couple […]

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The DaVinci Kids

I just saw this in the Seattle Times, and wanted to be sure to give some well-deserved recognition to all of our friends at DaVinci Gourmet, the Seattle-based syrup manufacturer and part of Kerry Foodservices. […]

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DIY, coffee friends!

In the vein of not taking oneself too seriously, here’s a project any coffee and/or gadget nerd will enjoy… because I’m betting you often find yourself in the position of wanting to watch, say, “Gossip […]

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Bean There Bike Ride in Jo-burg

I met Sarah Robinson, who co-owns Bean There Coffee Roasting in Johannesburg, South Africa, with her brother, Jonathan, earlier this year in Rwanda. We were both in Kigali to attend the East African Fine Coffee […]

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Barista Magazine

Barista Mag on Facebook!

When I started my own Facebook page seemingly ages ago, I thought it would be Sarah Allen’s Facebook page, as opposed to Barista Magazine’s Facebook page. But every day, some wonderful barista from some exotic […]