Hat v. Hairnet

Christopher "Nicely" Alameda from Intelligentsia shows he's ready to meet code if he ever moves from LA to NYC.

The New York Times has a photo essay up today featuring a number of baristas in the city and the chapeaus they don. Why so many baristas in hats? Well because the city health department has been issuing citations to local cafés saying their baristas are food prep workers and as such are required to wear head coverings.

One option to meet the code is to wear a hairnet. Though an option, it’s not a good one, so the NYC baristas have been sporting hats instead. And of course since baristas are creative and dapper types, they tend to wear hats with a little more character than a standard baseball cap. Oliver Strand wrote a short article about it, but the juice is in those adorable photos. Check out the slideshow here.

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  1. Page 3, one of my favorite shop owners, Sam Penix. Except the writer mistakenly says, “borrowed from “his” ex-girlfriend.” Not cool. Nope, not at all.

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