The Barista’s Touch: Balancing Tradition and Technology as the Coffee Industry Evolves: Part One

In today’s article, we navigate the barista’s role in an automated coffee landscape. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Featured photo courtesy of Roasting Plant In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global landscape has […]


The Portland Café Guide: Redux

We uncover more of PDX’s specialty-coffee standouts: Keeper Coffee Co., Proud Mary, and Guilder Café. BY EMILY JOY MENESES BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Feature photo by Peter Bucks via Unsplash In part one of our Portland […]

A single persimmon fruit hangs from a tree branch. The fruit is small and orange with brownish leaves sticking out of the top. It looks something like an orange tomato or apricot.
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Know Your Ingredients: Persimmon

For many, the persimmon marks the arrival of autumn. The seasonal fruit has a storied legacy and makes a unique, fall-inspired addition to café menus.   BY EMILY MENESESSENIOR ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR Cover photo by Ricardo L […]

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Hat v. Hairnet

The New York Times has a photo essay up today featuring a number of baristas in the city and the chapeaus they don. Why so many baristas in hats? Well because the city health department […]