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Two news stories out today caught our attention, and while they came from opposite sides of the country, they both feature the growing pour-over and manual-brewing movement in cafés.

Jay Caragay conducts an interview in 2007 at the WBC in Tokyo.

The first is from the Washington Post and features Jay Caragay and his shop, Spro, in Baltimore. Specifically, it looks at the numerous coffees and brewing methods Jay offers and the trend that his efforts seem to encapsulate nationwide. You can read it here:

Mt. Hood with its head in the clouds watches over Drip City, Portland.

The second story comes from one of local alternative weekly newspapers here in Portland, Ore. called the Willamette Week. It too looks at the growing trend of manual brewing and speculates as to why Portland has become such a coffee-centric city, or as they term it “Drip City.” You can read it here:

Finally, the iMag version of the April/May sixth anniversary issue of Barista Magazine is live! And guess what? Yep, we have a manual brewing article too. But that’s not news to you. We debuted the ongoing feature “One by One” our manual brewing series in the December/January issue. This installment is really something else. You can see it online here:





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