Coffee Gear and Equipment

Test Drive: The Graycano 

A new dripper invites you to enter the coffee cycle . BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISPECIAL ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Vasileia Fanarioti The Graycano is a new metal dripper that has been in the works for the […]

Coffee Gear and Equipment

Test Drive: E&B Moka Pot

Several improvements have been made to the traditional Moka pot design to make E&B’s own edition optimized for sweetness and acidity. BY TANYA NANETTISPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Tanya Nanetti Growing up […]

Coffee Gear and Equipment

Test Drive: The Yama Silverton Brewer

The Yama Silverton is a lesser-known coffee brewer with versatile capabilities. BY KATRINA YENTCHBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos by Katrina Yentch The team at Yama in Taiwan is well-known for their high-quality borosilicate glassware. Many café […]

10 Minutes With...

10 Minutes With Niki di Landa

We chat with Niki Di Landa, Italy’s current Ibrik/Cezve champion, about what inspired her to compete, and the message she wants to spread through her world stage performance. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE […]

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Barista Magazine

Brewing News

Two news stories out today caught our attention, and while they came from opposite sides of the country, they both feature the growing pour-over and manual-brewing movement in cafés. The first is from the Washington […]

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Barista Jams and Events

Manual Brew Fun in January

Yawn, yawn, yawn? Winter break is over, people! Time to get crankin into the new competition season. There’s a bonanza of coffee centric competitions starting up this month and continuing into next ”be sure to […]