6 Noteworthy Spring Specialty Drinks

Celebrate the coming of brighter days with flavors of lavender, hibiscus, rosemary, and more.


The days are finally getting longer, and everybody’s getting restless for warmer and brighter days. Spring has almost begun, and many coffeehouses are getting a jumpstart on their seasonal specials, adding invigorating floral and fruity flavors to their typical fare.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite spring drinks.

Rose and cardamom come together beautifully in Artisan Coffee Shop’s Spring Latte. Photo courtesy of Artisan Coffee Shop.

1. Spring Latte: Artisan Coffee Shop – Akron, Ohio

Aromatic flavors of rose and cardamom permeate throughout Artisan Coffee Shop’s March special: the Spring Latte. Also gracing the café’s March menu is an Irish Cream Latte infused with Irish cream syrup.

Flavors of rosemary, lavender, and turmeric bring life to Redefined Coffee House’s seasonal menu. Photo courtesy of Redefined Coffee House.

2. Rosemary Latte: Redefined Coffee House – Grapevine, Texas

Redefined Coffee House is bringing an impressive lineup to their springtime specials, including the Rosemary Latte—infused with rosemary, vanilla, and local honey. Also on the café’s seasonal lineup: the Fleur Latte (lavender blossoms, rose petals, and whole vanilla beans) and Sunshine Chai (chai spices, turmeric, vanilla, and cinnamon). 

Sakura, or cherry blossom, adds a fragrant and floral touch to a regular matcha latte. Photo courtesy of Cafe Federal.

3. Sakura Latte: Cafe Federal – Maebashi, Gunma, Japan

What says “spring” more than cherry blossoms? Cafe Federal offers a Sakura Latte, an alluring twist on the typical matcha latte.

The bright, sweet flavors of peach are balanced out by smooth dark chocolate in Arcadia Coffee House’s Peachy Perfect Mocha. Photo courtesy of Arcadia Coffee House.

4. Peachy Perfect Mocha: Arcadia Coffee House – Downers Grove, Illinois

Smoky dark chocolate and sweet, bright peach syrup come together beautifully in Arcadia Coffee House’s Peachy Perfect Mocha. Other noteworthy items on the coffeehouse’s seasonal menu: a cookie butter latte and Hummingbird Latte made with banana and pineapple syrup. 

Rose hip syrup complements the sweet, smoky flavors of organic black tea from Jeju Island. Photo courtesy of Mandarin Coffee Stand.

5. Rose Hip Black Tea Latte: Mandarin Coffee Stand – Los Angeles, California

To celebrate the turning of the seasons, Mandarin Coffee Stand is bringing back its Rose Hip Black Tea Latte, made with organic Jeju Island black tea, rose hip syrup, rose buds, and your milk of choice. Floral and chocolatey, its flavors are both refreshing and comforting—the perfect ode to the coming season.

House-made strawberry milk topped with smooth, grassy matcha. Photo courtesy of Slow Bloom Coffee.

6. Strawberry Dream: Slow Bloom Coffee Co-op– Redlands, California

Strawberry and matcha: most of us know it’s a match made in heaven. Redlands, Calif.’s Slow Bloom Coffee Co-op is combining the two beloved flavors in one of their many seasonal specials, the Strawberry Daydream: house-made strawberry milk topped with Mizuba Tea Co. matcha. The café has a number of other seasonal specials worth trying, including their Raspberry Caramel Latte and Hibiscus Rose Slush.


Emily Joy Meneses (she/they) is a writer and musician based in Los Angeles. Her hobbies include foraging, cortados, vintage synths, and connecting with her Filipino roots through music, art, food, and beverage.

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