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In our new issue we feature Lisa Lawson from Glasgow, Scotland, take a look at the newest grinders, explore spring drink inspiration, see how more women are getting involved in coffee tech, and much more!


We’re stoked to announce the release of the February + March 2024 issue of Barista Magazine, out today! It’s packed with stories and features our writers, designers, photographers, and editors have toiled over in our ongoing effort to keep our readers informed and educated. Whether it’s investigating the latest in grinder technology or breaking down how to accurately price drinks, we’ve got some amazing content in the pages (paper or digital) of the February + March 2024 issue.

Cover Story: Lisa Lawson

Opening spread of cover feature on Lisa Lawson from the February + March 2024 issue.

Scottish-born Lisa Lawson found coffee by way of a job while traveling through Australia, and it stuck: She revolutionized specialty coffee in the city of Glasgow when she opened her coffee roastery Dear Green 12 years ago. Lisa prioritizes treating people—everyone from coffee producers to her employees—ethically and with fair compensation. She has won a lot of awards for her efforts, too, and has guided Dear Green to B Corp certification. We’re ecstatic to feature Lisa in this issue of Barista Magazine and hope you find her story as inspiring as we do.

’Grinders at the Fore’

opening spread of Ginders at the Fore article with text on left page and images on right.

Barista Magazine’s Online Editor J. Marie Carlan was astounded by the grinder technology unveiled at HOST Milano in late 2023—so much so that we thought it deserved an article all its own. In their article, “Grinders at the Fore,“ they get up close and personal with the latest out there on the commercial grinder forefront.

’The Fix Is In: Women in Coffee Tech’

Opening spread of The Fix Is In:  Women in Coffee Tech an illustration with a cafe needing help on the right and a woman in van arriving to help on the right.

The coffee-tech sector has long been dominated by male-identifying professionals, but increasingly it’s women who are putting in the work and effort to drive the skill-based work forward. To celebrate them, as well as discuss what challenges they have faced and what advice they have for others looking to get into coffee tech, longtime coffee tech business owner Jon Ferguson interviewed leading women in the field for this fascinating story, “The Fix Is In: Women Leading the Equipment-Service Trade,“ in the February + March 2024 issue.

’Step into Spring: Seasonal Drink Inspiration’

Opening spread of Step into Spring with a person moving from left to right out of a wintery environment into a springtime one

Sure, we might still be hunkered down in winter weather, but it’s high time to get in the swing of spring—your spring menu, that is. Writer Josh Rank interviewed taste makers and influencers in cafe beverage recipe development to pinpoint some of the hottest trends we’ll be seeing in the warmer weather seasons, and he shares their insights in the story “Step Into Spring“ in the new issue of Barista Magazine.

’One on One: Selina Viguera’

Opening spread to One on One with Selina Viguera in the February + March 2024 issue. Selina is on the left in a photo with her team and text on the right.

In this issue’s long-form interview column, “One on One,“ we are thrilled to present the story and ethos of veteran specialty-coffee trainer, barista, volunteer, manager, and innovator Selina Viguera from Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles. Adding to her long list of accomplishments, Selina has been an advocate for Philippine coffees offered at Blue Bottle, highlighting the coffee production of her home country. Read all about Selina’s journey from barista to one of the most well-respected leaders driving our industry forward in this issue’s “One on One.“

And Much More Inside

Also in the February + March 2024 issue, you’ll find Field Reports from Houston and Yunnan, China; a new column called “The Knockbox“ penned by longtime coffee professional and retailing expert Laila Ghambari; an “Inclusivity in Coffee“ feature about former U.S. Cup Tasters Champion Julien Langevin, and much, much more. 

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