Test Drive: Nest Pour Over Kit by VSSL

We review the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit, assessing its durability, convenience, and the quality of coffee it produces.


Photos courtesy of VSSL and Vasileia Fanarioti

Nestled in the wilderness of Northern Canada, VSSL has earned a reputation for crafting meticulously organized sets of outdoor gear, each seamlessly integrated into a single, durable, and compact unit. From essential supplies to compact storage solutions, VSSL’s offerings are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration while providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency. 

When I first heard about VSSL’s Nest Pour Over Kit, I was immediately intrigued. As an avid outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for quality coffee, the prospect of a compact and durable brewing system designed specifically for adventurous souls resonated with me. So I’m thrilled to delve into the world of outdoor coffee brewing with the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit. Join me as I uncover what this innovative kit brings to the table!

Two hands hold up three parts of the long cylinder shaped Nest Pour Over kit in black.
The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit offers a compact and durable brewing system designed for outdoor enthusiasts, providing convenience on the go.

Design Details and Component Inclusions

The Nest Pour Over Kit is crafted from double-walled stainless steel; it’s a five-piece brewing system designed for durability and efficient heat retention, promising a consistent brewing experience. Its components include a BPA-free lid and storage connector, which are intended to enhance user convenience and facilitate easy organization. The inclusion of a BPA-free lid and storage connector enhances user convenience, facilitating easy organization and compatibility with additional accessories like the Java G25 Grinder.

What’s more, the Nest Pour Over Kit impresses with its dimensions of 11.5 inches in height and 3.4 inches in diameter, all while maintaining a manageable weight of 21 ounces (596 grams). 

The five components of the Nest Pour Over Kit.
The kit features smooth and precise screw-on parts, allowing for easy assembly and operation. Versatile mug storage options for beans add practicality during use.

The kit contains:

  • Two 80% recycled stainless-steel double-wall insulated 10oz mugs 
  • One BPA-free food-grade splash-resistant lid
  • One 80% recycled stainless-steel double-wall insulated Pour Over Dripper
  • One BPA-free food-grade storage connector to nest Java G25 grinder
  • One reusable food-grade stainless-steel mesh coffee filter

With each mug accommodating 10 fluid ounces, this compact system caters to coffee enthusiasts on the go. Additionally, the use of 80% recycled stainless steel underscores VSSL’s commitment to sustainability. With its components designed to withstand outdoor rigors, the Nest Pour Over Kit exemplifies VSSL’s dedication to quality and longevity. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test!

Nest Pour Over Kit elements shown with coffee beans.
Beyond coffee brewing, the two mugs can be used for various hot and cold beverages, offering versatility in outdoor adventures.

Putting the Nest Pour Over Kit to the Test

Upon receiving the Nest Pour Over Kit, my initial impressions were positive. The screw-on parts fit smoothly and precisely, indicating a high level of craftsmanship. One notable feature was the top mug’s versatility, serving as convenient bean storage. The option to store beans in the bottom mug if not using the Java G25 grinder adds to its practicality.

While brewing, I noted a slight adjustment regarding water measurement. Since the mugs are opaque, I found it helpful to pre-measure the hot water, ensuring a precise brewing process. I found the flavor of the pourover coffee to be just right, boasting a rich and aromatic profile.

Ground coffee inside the reusable mesh filter.
The double-wall construction with a vacuum layer effectively retains heat, ideal for brewing in extreme temperatures and enhancing the overall brewing experience.

Furthermore, the practicality of the Nest Pour Over Kit further enhanced my experience. Its user-friendly design and seamless operation contributed to a hassle-free brewing process. Notably, the double-wall construction with a vacuum layer proved effective in retaining heat. This feature is particularly advantageous when brewing in extreme temperatures.

Beyond its primary function, I found versatility in the mugs, using them for various hot and cold beverages. Simple to use and easy to clean, this is a hassle-free addition to my outdoor gear. However, it’s worth mentioning that washing out the filter requires a considerable amount of water, which may lead to water waste during camping trips. Nonetheless, the durable stainless-steel construction ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, requiring only water and soap for cleaning.

Pouring coffee into the filter.
While the filter requires significant water for washing, the stainless-steel construction means minimal maintenance.

Who Is Nest Pour Over Kit For?

The Nest Pour Over Kit caters to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts and coffee aficionados alike. Its compact and durable design makes it ideal for adventurers seeking a reliable coffee brewing solution on the go. Whether embarking on road trips, camping, or simply enjoying outdoor picnics, this kit offers convenience and quality in one compact package.

Moreover, the sustainability-conscious design of the Nest Pour Over Kit is a great choice for eco-conscious consumers. With its use of recycled stainless steel and emphasis on durability, VSSL’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the values of earth-conscious individuals seeking products that minimize their environmental impact.

With its use of recycled stainless steel and commitment to durability, VSSL aligns with the values of environmentally conscious consumers, minimizing environmental impact.

The Nest Pour Over Coffee Kit is priced at $75, offering a comprehensive solution for outdoor coffee brewing needs. For those seeking a simpler option, the Nest Pour Over Set is available at $50, excluding the second mug and the storage connector for the Java G25 grinder. Alternatively, the Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Coffee Grinder Bundle provides a complete coffee brewing experience for $225.

Additionally, VSSL stands behind every product with a limited lifetime warranty. Should the gear fail to meet expectations, customers may qualify for repair, replacement, or a refund. 

The Nest Pour Over Kit caters to individuals who not only value the finer aspects of outdoor living, but also prioritize sustainability and great taste in their coffee. This is a versatile and conscientious choice for outdoor coffee-brewing needs.


Vasileia Fanarioti (she/her) is a senior online correspondent for Barista Magazine and a freelance copywriter and editor with a primary focus on the coffee niche. She has also been a volunteer copywriter for the I’M NOT A BARISTA NPO, providing content to help educate people about baristas and their work.

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