Test Drive: The AeroPress Go Plus

We try out the new AeroPress upgrade, which includes a handy tumbler for enjoying a brew while traveling.


Photos by Tanya Nanetti

I have been in love with my AeroPress for over a decade, when I bought it as my first home coffee maker during a trip to the United States. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to try many of its upgrades (official and unofficial, such as the flow control filter cap or the cold dripper PuckPuck). It has become my coffee maker of choice for my travels around the world.

The only upgrade I never purchased was the classic AeroPress Go, and I did so for a specific reason: I brew full-size AeroPress (18 g of coffee for 280 ml of water) and didn’t want to downsize it with the smaller AeroPress included with the original Go. So for years I traveled with my original brewer and a camping mug.

Everything you need to brew and store fits right inside the Go Plus tumbler, making it a big space-saver.

A Full-Size Upgrade

A couple of months ago, the AeroPress Go Plus commercial came out and I fell in love at first sight: It had a beautiful tumbler, looked practical to carry around, and most importantly, included a regular-sized AeroPress.

I wasn’t the only one who was excited. After watching a video review of the product from Justin Piercy of Daddy Got Coffee, I contacted him to get his insight on whether to get an AeroPress Go Plus.

“For me, the Go Plus is a compelling option,“ Jason said. “The full-size AeroPress form factor I love, with a travel-ready full-size tumbler that doubles as a carrying case. It’s the AeroPress travel pack I was hoping (for) from the beginning.“

That was all I needed to decide to get one and start playing with it.

What’s inside the box: a full-size AeroPress, a tumbler with a compartment for filters, a measuring spoon, and a folding stir tool.

Unboxing the Go Plus

When the Go Plus finally arrived, I wasted no time and started unpacking the box, which, like all other AeroPresses, comes in a hexagonal package, this time dark green.

Inside, the tumbler (mine is ivory, but a more classic black is also available) contains everything in a compact solution that looks practical and elegant at the same time. Just open the lid to find the AeroPress, a measuring spoon and collapsible stirrer (both stored in the empty plunger), and a set of paper filters stored in the “secret compartment“ at the bottom of the tumbler.

Plunging the coffee.

First Brew

Once unpacked and quickly rinsed, the AeroPress was ready to use. Because of its standard size, I could easily proceed with my usual recipe without the need to scale or adjust it.

I rinsed the filter, inserted it into the filter holder, and screwed it onto the AeroPress.

I placed the tumbler on the scale, the Go Plus on top, and tared.

I ground the coffee, poured it into the AeroPress chamber, poured hot water over it, and closed with the plunger, creating the vacuum.

Two minutes later, I was ready to gently press the plunger until it created the familiar hissing sound, then I quickly rinsed the AeroPress and enjoyed my coffee, sipping it straight from the tumbler lid.

Then, relaxing with my delicious brew, I spent a few minutes reviewing my experience.

The coffee brewing was as smooth as usual and the resulting cup as delicious as usual. The tumbler was easy to hold, perfectly insulated, and kept the coffee at the right temperature until I was done drinking it: a decidedly pleasant experience.

Coffee brewed and ready to go.


The next morning I decided to use the Go Plus again, this time taking full advantage of its potential: I made my morning brew, but this time—once I closed the lid—I grabbed my tumbler and left the house ready for the daily trip to the beach. Here in Southern Europe we are still not so used to sipping brew while traveling, and owning a cool tumbler for the first time was definitely an upgrade to my travel coffee experience.

To further test the usefulness of the Go Plus, a few days later I followed another of Justin’s tips from his video: On my first weekend away from home I packed my coffee tools for the short trip, stowing a small bag of coffee directly into the AeroPress plunger, I reinserted the brewer into the tumbler, closed the lid, and I was ready to go.

Once I stowed the closed tumbler in my backpack, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how much less space my coffee tools required, now that the AeroPress and mug (and a small amount of coffee) shared the same volume. 

Back home, after a wonderful weekend spent sipping delicious coffee thanks to my new AeroPress Go Plus, I got confirmation of how functional it is. The Go Plus is a good choice for those buying their first AeroPress. It’s also a perfect upgrade for coffee lovers who usually travel with their brewing tool, especially if they care about saving space in a cramped suitcase.

The author enjoying her delicious brew from the included tumbler.

The Takeaway

If I really had to find fault with this new Go Plus, I could point out that the included AeroPress, in order to fit perfectly in the tumbler, has a slightly different shape from the original AeroPress. The top of the plunger is smaller and has quite a different feel from the classic brewer.

It may feel a little less stable, but of course that’s just an impression from many years of using the classically shaped AeroPress. It only took me a few brews on my next short trip for my hand to feel perfectly comfortable with this updated shape, and to start considering the Go Plus as my “go-to“ AeroPress.


Tanya Nanetti (she/her) is a specialty-coffee barista, a traveler, and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some hidden corner of the world), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.

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