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Aida Batlle was featured on the cover of our April/May 2011 issue.

I just downloaded my ipad edition of this week’s New Yorker. Actually I did it as soon as I got my reminder email that the iPad version was available. Why? Well because of this:

Kelefa Sanneh on the coffee revolution, with a slide show of scenes from Aida Batlle’s Salvadoran coffee farms, and a video of how to make a great cup of drip coffee.

It’s not everyday that we beat the New Yorker to the story, but come on, guys, no shout outs to Barista Magazine for covering the first producer to earn barista certification with our April/May 2011 issue? I’ve only had a chance to skim through the story (it looks like it’s at least 10,000 words), but its scope and breadth are terrific and the history of coffee interwoven throughout Aida’s story will certainly be educational for many consumers. I encourage everyone to check it out.

The cover of the Food Issue of the New Yorker which features a story on coffee producer Aida Batlle.


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