Positive Vibrations

If you are anything like me, you enjoy your weekend mornings.   It is all about working for your weekend mornings.   Whether you are sleeping in from staying up late watching Conan O’ Brien or drinking Elysian Immortal IPA’s, it is important to bask in the weekend mornings.   And let us not pretend that our weekends have to be Saturday and Sunday, because as baristas, we all know there is rarely such a thing as a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, schedule.   Often times I find the best weekends land somewhere in the middle of the week (Wednesday and Thursday being my favorite combination).

For the ones who do land in what the white-collar workforce would call a “proper” weekend, I have one tip for you to help enjoy the weekend, and that tip is the best DUB radio show in the world called Positive Vibrations

It is a show put on for only three-hours every Saturday morning by the good folks at Seattle’s KEXP 90.3, and is one of the highlights of my week.   I encourage you all to add this to your Saturday morning regime(for those of you in Seattle, it’s 90.3 FM, for others, you can stream it to your laptop or desktop wherever you are), whether you enjoy DUB or not. Of course, this is a very west-coast, time-zone, centric suggestion; but, I encourage all of my friends in the mid-west, east-coast, Europe and elsewhere to tune in and add this to whatever part of their Saturday(or Sunday) routine they may be caught up in.
And in case you are wondering, DUB is a form of reggae music where the vocals are removed in favore of scratchy guitar riffs, drums, heavy bass, echo, and reverb.   I have never been a big reggae fan, but DUB is something completely different.   If you are curious about it’s origins, there are some good resources here and here.

Tune in, start your French press(or pour your mimosa), toss some eggs on the grill, open up the New York Times, and enjoy your weekend morning.

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