"How's your summer going?"

“So, what’s new?” (the question I always get asked by people I see every single day)

“Just got back from San Francisco, yes I did.”

“Oh wow, it’s so beautiful out there, how about that weather? Do you have friends out there? What did you do?”

“Some damn fine friends for sure. Jenny G and I just jetted for a straight up vacation.”

“Coffee related?”

“Well yes, pretty much everything, all the time is coffee related. The great thing about working in coffee is the fun of finding other places when you travel for any and all reasons. Everyday started out hanging out at Ritual Coffee Roasters, there are numerous great things to say about that place and their people – – they lent us bikes and we went with the flow.”

“Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) led us into the Mission District, fueling up started at Ritual, and riding bikes led us all places. A nice and immediate surprise was a Korean parade we accidentally went through on our way to the market at the Ferry Building.”

“Oh wow.”

“At the market got some spro at the Blue Bottle kiosk, sat, ate some breakfast, and continued the day which was mostly hanging out and enjoying some premium libations in the park.”

“Nice. What else did you do?”

“Sunday we got on board with Ritual buds and headed out to the Strauss Family Creamery, where we were treated to a killer lunch and interesting tour of their creamery. They’re making “Barista Milk” specifically for coffee.


“It’s interesting… google it up!”

“And then of course there was more sight seeing. Fun, but exhausting. Even though SFO is small in size, its inclines will get ‘cha if you’re not looking out. Drinking 40s in a North Beach park after catching the sun go down on Telegraph Hill was kittens and bunny rabbits (awe).”

“And then another bonus was the day Steve Ford let us have the reigns of his chariot. He roasts and trains for a good man by the name of Barnett, Andrew, owner of Ecco a bit north of the bay in Santa Rosa. We hung out with Steve, Andrew and their crew for a bit then jaunted up the coast, into the Dry Creek/Sonoma parts of wine country. Twas beautiful I say, a balmy 97 around Santa Rosa. As soon as we got back into the Mission, a cool 67.”

“Whoa, how ’bout that weather?!”

“Yeah, how about it… Well, I’ve gotta keep working, it’ll be your turn for an update next time.

If you want to check out all my pictures, go to my flickr account.”

“Sounds good. Bye”

“Ok bye.”