Matt Milletto & Kylene Elms Get Hitched

Yesterday, August 11, was an awesome day. Loads of great people gathered to witness the marriage of Matt Milletto (of Bellissimo and the American Barista & Coffee School fame) and the beautiful Kylene Elms, whom many in the coffee industry know for her work with Oral Fixation and Innovated Products. These are two of the nicest, most thoughtful and kind people I know, and it was such an honor to be with them on their wedding day. The ceremony was short and heartfelt. The venue — a club we all love here in Portland called Holocene — was rad. Matt and Kylene looked amazing and so happy. Their family members made some beautiful toasts. When it was time to dance, there was no “Love Shack” or “Brown Eyed Girl” crap. The cake, made by the Bakery Bar, was killer. It was just great all around. Of course, considering the number of coffee people in attendance, things were bound to get a little crazy, and everyone ended up partying in Matt & Kylene’s penthouse at the Ace after we got kicked out of Holocene until quite late.


There’s a giant blackboard at Holocene and they decorated the whole thing in sweet sentiments for Kylene and Matt.


Here’s Kyle with the father of the groom, Bruce Milletto. Bruce gave a very nice toast to Kylene and Matt, though he said he would have preferred to be talking about marketing plans for a coffee start-up business because at least lecturing on that topic didn’t make him cry. Bruce, by the way, is getting married, himself, to an awesome woman named Toni that everyone is crazy about. They’re having their wedding in Italy on September 21.


No one really knew what to make of this coffee. It was offered in packs by the photo booth. It was mystery coffee for sure.


Matt looked super snappy in his pinstripes. The guy with the lambchops is Matt’s best man, Andrea, who came from Italy for the wedding. Actually, he’s been in Portland the whole month helping Matt and Kylene get ready for the wedding. Portland will miss him — he’s cool.


There she is. Kylene was such an incredibly beautiful bride.


From left, there’s Brent from Crema, Phoung from Lava Java, David from Stumptown, Ashley from Lava Java, and Caroline, a friend of Billy’s.


Here are Matt and Kylene cutting the cake. Those cupcakes were the mo-fo-ing bomb.


Matt and Kylene had the wedding catered by Por Que No and it was the dang diggity. Here are Stephen and Clara enjoying their tamales. Stephen was one of Matt’s groomsmen.


The first dance. They played the Decemberists.


Matt and Kylene sat and listened to the toasts made to them. They both got choked up. You could sure as hell feel the love.


Here’s Kyle feeling the love of his Corona. His girlfriend, Rhiana, couldn’t make it to the wedding, and we all missed her.


OK, so then things started getting kind of nuts. Bruce has this beautiful vintage car, which was parked outside of Holocene for Matt and Kylene to drive to the hotel after the wedding. But Kyle and Billy got to it first.


Here’s Lizz from Stumptown and Gabriel of Le Pigeon hanging outside of Holocene.


I don’t know if Matt’s looking for his bride or a drink. Just kidding.


Here’s a Stumpy posse: Kyle, Aleco and Hillary.


Matt and Kylene, I’m crazy about you both. And I’m so glad you have each other. Happy marriage and happy life. You are loved.


  1. OMG~ Kylene is the most beautiful princess of all . . . always has been. Congratulations to you both~ I am so happy for both of you. Hugs~

  2. Great photos. Wow, you all look so smart! I can’t belive how dressed up the Stumptown posse is 😉 Vick in a tie and everything!

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