Beach House

I’ve been without Internet for almost a whole week. It was insane for the first few days, then totally awesome once I got used to it. I was in Waldport, Oregon, with my parents and my sister. We rented a house right on the beach and I got to bring my dog. Ken wasn’t able to come, which was a bummer. I’ve barely seen him since he got back from Tokyo. But anyway, now I’m back and here are some pics:

cade beach

This is Cade, my dog, at the beach. It was heaven for her, playing tennis ball in the waves all day every day.

dad on beach
This is my dad throwing the ball for her. He developed into a very good flinger.
m&d on beach

Here are my mom and dad. Aww.

cade at house

Here is Cade on the deck wondering when I’ll take her back to the beach.


We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which is beautiful. Back when I was in grad school at the University of Oregon, I got really involved with sea otters. I was taking an intensive course on literary science writing, within which we picked an animal and studied it, researched it, and wrote about it for an entire semester. The particular otter I studied is this guy, Aialik. I spent many days sitting with him here at the aquarium when I was in school, and working with the fishermen who rescued him when his mother was killed in Alaska. It was awesome to see him again.

spacey fish

This fish looks like my cat, Spacey. He totally does.

OK, so that was the Allen family vacay. Today, Kyle is back from Seattle to attend the wedding of Matt Milletto and Kylene Elms with me and Ken. It’s so nice having Kyle back for the weekend — though he reports he is loving Seattle — and we’re all really excited to go to Matt and Kylene’s wedding!


They’re a really wonderful couple, so nice and thoughtful with each other. Check back here tomorrow because I’m gonna blog the crap out of their wedding. Peace out.