Coffee as Art, Part II,%20Guggenheim%20Museum,%20interior.jpg

Sure, you’ve seen the coffee-on-a-napkin art, but what’s the status in the art world of the process of making coffee itself? And what about the artistry of the barista? Well a new installation at the Guggenheim in New York is celebrating the work in performance, creation and consumption of coffee, to bring to people’s attention just how much art is involved in what most people simply assume is nothing more than a daily routine.

It’s not surprising that illy is deeply involved in the project. œOur idea is to make this coffee experience polysensual,  said Andrea Illy, the chief executive of Illy, whose coffee is being distributed as part of the installation. œIt’s as if we are functioning in an installation. There is a practical function to this installation. 

And to me, the Guggenheim really is a perfect match for the installation. I mean, doesn’t the building sort of remind you of a stack of to-go cups or lids? Anyway, it’s damn cool to see coffee, baristas and their work getting this kind of respect.
You can read all about it here.

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