Big Changes for Jon Lewis

I love this photo of Jon, which I took when I was in Idaho visiting him and reporting on him for the August/September 2007 cover feature in Barista Magazine. It’s taken at the precarious dock outside of the barn in which he and his friend, Malcolm, roasted coffee for their company, Bumper Crop.


It’s hard to imagine Jon and his wife, Kendall, living anywhere besides their charming little house with the ducks and the vegetable gardens on a quiet street in Coeur d’Alene, but it’s true, and for a great reason: Jon has accepted a job at the Cup of Excellence home office in Missoula, Montana.


As soon as I read about the news on Jon’s blog, I emailed to ask him for details. “I’ll get to be a part of how CoE will grow and evolve.   I think you know that they want to somehow engage CoE with the barista movement… I’m excited to see how that will play out,” he responded. Personally, I can’t think of a more dynamic person to join the CoE team than Jon. He’s passionate about everything that has to do with coffee, and has a gentle, humble way of communicating his ideas and listening to those of others. He is one of the absolute best examples of a professional barista. But he is a humanitarian first and foremost, and this combination is a winning one for the CoE organization.

Best of luck to you, Jon!

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  1. Wow. Moving house gets one behind on the reading and writing of blogs. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone – it’s truly an honor to be transplanted into the fertile soil of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

    And as far as our charming little house goes… we’re now living on Cook Farm – a five-acre plot with a beautiful brick historic farmhouse, a large garden area, a geodesic dome greenhouse, goats, ducks, chickens – seems like the perfect place for a barista retreat! Open invitation for coffee pilgrims.

    While I’ll be taking a hiatus from barista competitions, I’ll be doing my best to get Cup of Excellence coffees into the hands of baristas who can truly appreciate the provenance of quality.

    All things new!

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