Light Posting, Heavy Snowfall


(this picture is from two days ago – the steps are now completely covered)
So we’ve been a bit remiss on the ol’ blog posting lately, but, we have very good reasons, or a very good reason: Snow! On average, here in Portland we have maybe a couple inches of snow a year. It’s not uncommon, though, to go all year without any snow.

Because of the scarcity of snowfall, the city does not function well when it snows. And when it snows, and then an ice storm hits, and then it snows again, well, that may not be a big deal in Minneapolis or Stockholm, but here, it’s pretty much a Christmastime apocalypse (unless you’re one of my nephews who no doubt is enjoying the Christmas break of a lifetime as they’ve been out of school for weeks now with weeks still to go.)

See last week we had a couple of inches of snow, not much admittedly, but enough to slow the daily grind of city life to a standstill and make everyone a little nervous about going out. Schools were closed and many businesses shut down. But looking back at it now, last week was like a trip to the Bahamas. Snow was a novelty. Snowmen were made, snowballs were thrown, laughter was heard. Today, however, it’s a bit different.


(that lump to the left of the house used to be our car.)
Last night we had five inches of snow. Before that we had 10 inches. Between those two days, we had a sheet of ice covering everything. The highway to Hood River and beyond (the major East-West thoroughfare for the state) has been closed for three days now.   Christmas shopping and shipping have been put on hold. The airport has been open but most flights have been canceled. Christmas plans have been hijacked all by the snow. Luckily we’ve only lost power for a few hours, many other folks haven’t had power since the ice storm, and we hope for their sake’s the lights are on again soon.
But, we will have a White Christmas, just probably not with friends and family (unless we arrange a teleconference).

We do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, and someday the snow will stop and things will get back to normal. Ah, for it to be forty degrees and raining! Perfect weather for this time of year.


(Someday we’ll see our friend the little Buddha again, but for now this was the last glimpse before the snow got him too.)

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  1. Thanks for the offer, Matt! We were able to finally get out yesterday to run some errands — let’s get together after Christmas! Dan, I hear ya. No, this snow isn’t nearly as bad as what happens every year in other places, but Portland is ill equipped to handle it, thus, we have been trapped. But mainly, we love it. Happy holidays!

  2. I grew up where it snows a lot every year, so this doesn’t seem like anything. Apparently the city of Portland DOES think it’s a big deal, because my flight out got canceled and rescheduled to THREE days later! I’m not too mad though because I AM loving the snow, and laughing at people who don’t know what to do. Woop!

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