United States Barista Championship

SCAA Cancels Regional Barista Competitions

Why we’re gravely disappointed in the SCAA’s decision to eliminate regional barista competitions ”and the method by which they made the announcement BY SARAH ALLEN, EDITOR BARISTA MAGAZINE The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) […]


Toronto’s Made By Mavericks Program Provides Barista Training and Employment to Adults with Special Needs

Inspired by the Spanish barista competitions for adults with Down syndrome, Toronto’s Made By Mavericks program is creating a whole new community of coffee professionals BY ELISE LINSCOTT SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Of course, we […]


Medellin’s Growing Specialty Coffee Scene

Medellin, Colombia boasts some new top-flight specialty coffee cafés I was fortunate enough to visit Antioquia last week to attend the New Generation of Coffee Growers camp, and along the way I got to spend […]