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  1. Hello Mr. Hoover.

    This is a blog. Not to put words in their mouths but I bet the editorial staff would be much more upset if you came out and dissed Brandon Roy than being pissy about a pro-Bama post.

    The magazine is the best of its kind out there. If you’re considering opening a shop I highly suggest you read a few issues. It will help you make an informed decision and help your staff should you choose to open.

  2. Thanks all of you for your comments. Barista Magazine itself does not include any politicizing. This blog, however, is about lifestyle and culture, most of which, but not all, pertains to coffee.

  3. I, for one, am very excited. I do think that politicizing business is generally a bad idea, but I voted for Obama and I feel that we’re headed in the right direction. As “unprofessional” as this may be, the guy is our next president. People are going to be excited.

  4. I’m actually really disappointed to see this.

    I’m in the process of opening my own shop and was told to subscribe to this magazine. I might do it for my business, but I’m really turned off by this unprofessional showing. Keep national politics out of coffee business discussion – especially when about half of the general public doesn’t agree with your views.

  5. There’s enough problems with politics in the internal workings of the various coffee organizations.

    A little disappointed to see national politics (which I’ve been sick of for the past 2 rs) brought here. Why? Unless I’m misreading it, in which case I am sorry.

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