What's next for Barista Magazine?

Well, it’s been a big week here in Portland, the mighty Portland Trail Blazers have won six games in a row! The first time that’s happened since 2002. Here’s Brandon Roy, 2007 Rookie of the Year and Washington Husky, scoring two of his 29 points last night.

Portland Trail Blazers

And now for news that bridges the two: Barista Magazine and the Portland Trail Blazers. Unlike almost every other arena in the league, the Blazers play at the Rose Garden, not the insert- corporate-namehere Rose Garden, just the Rose Garden. That, however, is now going to change. It’s a shame, but apparently Paul Allen, owner of the Blazers and one of the richest men in the world (co-founder of a little company called Microsoft), has decided he wants to subsidize his team a little more, and so naming rights for the Rose Garden are now up for bids.

If nothing else, most people in Portland would like the company that acquires the rights to be a local company, at least, so this is my vision:


Go Blazers!


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