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This post thrills sL for many reasons. It starts with my gateway into Barista Magazine. About 2 years ago, I was given news that my company, Alterra Coffee Roasters, had purchased a new cafe/warehouse space for our company’s new headquarters in the years to come. If you knew this building, you’d know it looked like all hell. I thought it highly necessary to touch it up a bit, therefore…

Many were excited, word spread. Barista Magazine caught wind, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, the building quickly became more of a cost to restore than it would have been to tear it down and start from scratch, which is what happened. Years later, I am still up to my neck in coffee with Alterra. The rebuild has been coming along nicely. Word on the street is that the cafe here, on Humboldt Ave. will be kicking off it’s grand opening this Saturday Dec. 15… which is crazy, considering how it looks on the inside.

The rest of the Headquarters, will be settling in throughout January. Our current headquarters on Prospect Ave. will downsize the roasting/warehouse portions, keeping only a 22 kilo Probat while our 90 gets moved here to Humboldt. The Prospect cafe expands and gets more space. There’s lots of excitement here lately, not to add the many of us who are amped to host the Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition which will be in Milwaukee March 13-16. Come one come all.

Plus… We’ve got a bigassfan! click it! Refrigerator Perry is the man behind the bigassfan, ha ha ha!

For better, bigger pictures, go to Alterra’s flickr and stay tuned to


  1. awesome latte artist and, apparently, stencil artist.
    sL is there anything you can’t do?

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