Vote for the English version of Tim Wendelboe's new book

Tim Wendelboe is one of the biggest World Barista Champion (WBC) success stories in the history of the competition: after winning the WBC in 2004 in Trieste, Italy, Tim went on to start his own cafe and roastery in Oslo, Norway. It’s been a tremendous success, winning the Nordic Roaster award two years in a row (most recently in September), and gaining esteem throughout Scandinavia and the world.

The dramatic exterior of Tim's cafe and roastery in Oslo.
The dramatic exterior of Tim's cafe and roastery in Oslo.

As if he weren’t busy enough, now Tim has written a book, which is studded with sumptuous photos of coffee production throughout the world. “It is a book mainly written for consumers that have an interest in coffee and that are interested in learning more about coffee and how to make their coffee taste better,” writes Tim on his blog. “I also hope that a lot of baristas and coffee professionals will read the book and hopefully get inspiration and new ideas in order to push our industry forward.”

The cover of Tim's new book.
The cover of Tim's new book.

Even though the book is written in Norwegian, those of us who aren’t fluent can still enjoy the luscious photos. Here’s one that Tim Varney posted to his blog that I particularly love:

Look at him...

But really now, wouldn’t you prefer the option of actually reading the book? And you say your Norwegian is a little rusty? Well, let’s do something about it then! Tim has published a poll on his blog where you can vote for the English version to be published.

So PLEASE go to Tim’s blog and VOTE NOW!

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