The Luck of the Irish

Well, actually, it’s not luck. It’s damn hard work, training and skill.

Congratulations, Stephen Morrissey. Irish Cup tasting Champion, Irish Latte Art Champion and now, newly crowned Irish Barista Champion.

Klaus Thomsen (WBC Champion 2006 & partner in the Coffee Collective) and Stephen Morrissey in Tokyo at WBC in 2007.
This is the first time that one person will represent his country in all three diciplines of Barista, Latte art and Cupping.

His triple crown  demonstrates a great scope of skill and coffee ability. Stephen used the espresso blend coffee roasted by the Coffee Collective in Denmark partly owned by WBC champ from 2006 Klaus Thomsen.

Stephen is no stranger to competitions although previously his major role has been behind the scenes.

You may know Stephen from his blog at Flying Thud  or as  good friend, supporter and business  partner  with reigning WBC champ James Hoffmann and his lovely partner   and reigning Cup Tasting Champion Anette Modvaer. Stephen will be working with James and Anette at the new Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London.

 Congratulations, and best of luck in Copenhagen!

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