The online magazine, Slate, has a great story up about everyone’s favorite VacuumPress coffee brewer: the Clover! You can read it here.
The author begins by requesting a machine for home use, but then comes to his senses and ends up meeting David Latourelle at Café Grumpy in New York to experiment with the machine there. Though he comes in a little mystified about the machine, the cost and what it can really do for coffee, by the end, he’s thoroughly convinced.

“Even a smattering of Clovers in the right hands promises to broaden the way we think about coffee,” the author reports, “The very fact that an $11,000 coffee machine is receiving such excited media attention seems like a clear sign that we’re headed toward a “third wave” of coffee, an age of terroir, aided by technology that can give different beans the different careful treatments they deserve.”

One quibble, the author’s first impression on seeing the Clover work is like watching Han Solo being frozen in carbonite.

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Whereas, I am always drawn to either the trasporter pad analogy

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Or the food replicator.

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.