Formerly known as Tendo, Skillhood Launches New Coffee Skills Glossary for Baristas

Tendo’s new Coffee Skills Glossary can help improve job prospects for specialty-coffee workers. 

Skillhood’s new Coffee Skills Glossary can help improve job prospects for specialty-coffee workers. 


From AeroPress to pourovers, from latte art to cupping, there’s an infinite array of skills to be learned in the world of specialty coffee. With Skillhood’s recently launched Coffee Skills Glossary, both baristas and café managers can now easily track and converse about which skills an individual has, and which skills they’re working on or hoping to develop. 

“The [skills glossary] was really created for the worker,” shares Will Ross, founder of Skillhood and former coffee shop manager. “It allows an individual to own a proof of work as they move between jobs, essentially [acting in place of] the CV or resumé.“

A screenshot of course list in the Tendo Coffee Glossary
The list of courses in the Tendo Coffee Skills Glossary helps baristas increase their array of competencies and land higher pay.

The glossary is meant to come in handy both at the time of a barista’s interview and when raising conversations about promotions or raises. By allowing workers to list out their skills in a concrete, tangible way, the glossary will serve as an extra point of reference when baristas apply for a new job or negotiate a promotion at a company they’re already with. 

“Training and development will always require coaches, curriculum, and work-based reinforcement,” Will continues. “Concrete terms and definitions empower employees to have constructive, open conversations with their managers about internal mobility.” 

Will says the glossary will also benefit shop owners and supervisors during the hiring process. ”[The coffee skills glossary also provides] an upside for café managers,” he says. “For example, a café can list the, say, 20 skills necessary to work in their shop—and identify whether a worker has those skills or some of them.”  

A screenshot of the Tendo Coffee Glossary Skill finder listing available skills.
The Tendo Coffee Skills Glossary includes more than 75 coffee skills which employers and coffee professionals can use to demonstrate proficiency on a subject.

The Coffee Skills Glossary includes 75+ coffee skills, including dosing, tamping, milk texturing, and more. Additionally, there are 20 transferable skills that any coffee employee can access on their phone. Each skill also includes a clear and concise definition, provided in-house by Tendo specialists and independent collaborators from the coffee industry.  

“Fundamentally, we’re about making workers visible in the labor market, and empowering individuals with their data,” Ross elaborates. “You can now incentivize workers around skills that they may not have necessarily seen as worth pursuing … and show workers that if they grow [their skillset], there’s an opportunity for recognition as well as financial [benefits].”  

Skillhood plans to eventually create glossaries for all frontline workers, including bartenders, chefs, and anyone working in the hospitality industry. Through the Coffee Skills Glossary, the platform hopes to help specialty-coffee shops attract and retain skilled workers, as well as show baristas their potential to grow in their careers. The Coffee Skills Glossary is now accessible on the Skillhood website, with further information about the company available on the Press page


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