So long murky coffee…

So I saw on murky coffee’s blog that Nick has closed the shop. Yesterday was its final day. I tried to post a comment, but due to some technical issues on my end I guess, I couldn’t get the infernal internets to do my bidding.

This is my memory of murky.

At the end of Barista Magazine’s first year of publication, Sarah and I were on our way to our first Coffee Fest outside of the West Coast. Having learned our lesson about how expensive it was to send magazines to convention centers (where exhibitors are often charged on individual pieces received and their weight – magazines come in fairly small boxes and each is very heavy, not a good combination), we were looking to keep expenses down. So we asked our friend Nick if we could send some boxes to murky the week before Coffee Fest, and then Sarah and I would pick them up in our rental car and hand carry them into the convention center. Thinking murky must have some sort of storage/delivery area where the boxes could be easily managed and stored out of the way, it seemed like a genious idea.
Then we rolled up the Arlington café in our Dodge Durango. Immediately I felt awful. Our numerous heavy boxes had arrived and were graciously handled by the murky workers. But there was no easy out-of-the-way storage area. The boxes had been stashed all over the place, wherever they could find room. Many of them had been carried, one at a time, up the narrow stairs to the second floor. Yet, no one complained when we showed up about all the extra work we had created for them. And the murky folks then helped carry all of those boxes back down the stairs and out to the SUV.

And after all of that, I had a delicious Americano and bought my cherished Spock murky tee.

So best of luck to everyone from murky, and here’s hoping Wrecking Ball is a huge success.

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