A Message to Baristas Around the World

We’re super excited about the efforts being made by the Barista Guild of America of late to make the organization stronger, better, more useful, and more effective. The new executive council has pledged its commitment to baristas around the world ”hallalujah! And let’s make one thing clear: never mind that “of America” part of the Barista Guild title: this organization is for any and all baristas around the globe. Ours is a worldwide community, people.


Above, in photo courtesy of Jason Dominy: Robin, Dan, Lucey, Phuong, Jason, Anne, Heather, and Bronwen.

I had some great conversations with Heather Perry in Atlanta during the WBC about her vision for the future of the BGA. And last night, I ran into Phuong, who is committing a ton of time to getting new programs up and running for baristas of the world in the next year.

It can’t be said enough that if you aren’t already a member of the Barista Guild of America, now it the time to sign up! Membership is only $25 right now ”but that special ends tomorrow! Check out the member benefits section of the BGA website for more information.

Go Barista Guild GO!

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