Ah, the iPhone… not since the Starbucks to-go cups were introduced to tweens has a better buy-on-demand-status-symbol been introduced. They make you look cool when you’re chillin with your homies at WalMart!


And hey, they can be pretty useful, too!

Case in point: Back in my days as a cub reporter for a big city newspaper, I would often be sent on coffee runs to the cafe down the street. It would start with my editor asking me if, when I next went out to get coffee (I was the most reliable coffee drinker in the newsroom), I would pick one up for him, too. Seeing me head out the door, my coworkers would whisper to each other, “Sarah’s going for coffee!” and suddenly fistfulls of dollar bills would be thrust at me, along with complicated orders. And not wanting to piss off my superiors, I’d painstakingly writing down their orders on a smudged post-it and maybe get half of their orders right. And since they were all taking advantage of me anyway, I only really cared that my editor’s order was spot on.

I really could have used an iPhone back then ”and not just so I could play Tetris while waiting for a late interview subject to show up, or to get directions when I was lost deep in the South Bay of Northern California, or to call for a towtruck when my adorable but completely unreliable VW convertible broke down on the freeway for the third time in a month. But I really could have used an iPhone, as well as the new application Coffee Order from ExecTones (www.exectones.com) to keep my coffee orders straight, as well.

Rob Mareel, president of ExecTones, just told us about the new application, and this guy should know what he’s talking about when it comes to coffee ”he’s located in Portland, Oregon, after all. Perhaps that’s why he knew to make the application usable with any number of coffeeshops ”so if you go to the Fresh Pot on the weekends, but hang at the downtown Stumptown during the week, you can keep your ”and most importantly, your friends’ ”orders straight no matter where you are.

You can download the app for 99 cents here.

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  1. Now we just need an Espressomap.com app. Have fun on your trip, give Cedar a good scratch behind the ears!

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