Photos from my Tanzania trip

Barista Magazine’s newly redesigned website includes a cool feature called “Media,” where we are posting extended slideshows from interesting trips that our staff takes. Hopefully it will also include short videos in the future (I’ll be recording some scenes from the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence next week, and hopefully Mac’s new iLife programs can help me edit it efficiently).

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the article I wrote about the Songwa Project in Tanzania in the April/May 2009 issue of Barista Magazine, including a few emails over this past weekend, which reminded me to post here about the slideshow from my Tanzania trip we have up on Barista Magazine’s website. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. It follows chronologically with the article itself.

And be sure to check back to’s Media section often, as more and more slideshows will be posted and archived there in the future.


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  1. Love the media link. The slide show is the perfect companion to your article. The popcorn, the rainbow, the walk from your lodging place through forest… All things I envisioned but didn’t have a photo for. I knew I’d see them some how.

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