This could be you! In Iceland!

Oh, those darned Icelanders! Always reminding us how freakin awesome their little country is! Yes, I know you have the coolest horses and the prettiest landscape and the nicest people. Blah blah blah. Thank goodness we have a work-related reason to go visit soon! THE NORDIC BARISTA CUP 2009!

The magical, delightful Nordic Barista Cup (NBC) is gonna rock the coffee world this September 16 “19 in a way it never has before. Seriously: Our friend Bjorg Brend of the Nordic Barista Cup Foundation just emailed me the top-secret agenda for this year’s NBC and GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I can say without a doubt that this is going to be the best, coolest, most exotic, most thrilling NBC to date. Did I mention it’s in Iceland??


But we have been sworn to secrecy! You see, part of the fun of the NBC is that everyone involved ”from the five teams of baristas, to the attendees, to many of the organizers ”has no idea what will transpire until it is actually transpiring! It’s more fun that way!

Just a quick reminder that this event in Iceland is right around the corner, and tickets are on sale now. There’s an incentive for signing up early: the cost of attending, includes everything you’ll do or eat from early in the morning to late in the evening AND THIS JUST ANNOUNCED: INCLUDES 2 NIGHTS OF ACCOMMODATION!!!


Check out the Nordic Barista Cup website to buy your ticket and learn more about what this awesome organization does. See you in Iceland!

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