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Oh, how I would love to be reporting that Barista Magazine bought the Portland Trailblazers from Paul Allen, especially after the Blazers edged the Bulls last night in double overtime 115-109.


But our real news is pretty killer, too: Beginning today, Barista Magazine will be available in its entirety online. Now, nothing has changed here — we’re not taking anything away to give you this. The online version of Barista Magazine– which is completely free and available to anyone anywhere in the world — is just an added bonus. We call it Barista iMag. Ta-da.


So why are we doing this? Well, duh. We’re doing it for you, dear readers. We’ve heard from so many of you about how you carry tattered copies of Barista Magazine around to onsite trainings or barista competitions in anticipation of needing to look up an article or information on an advertiser. Now you can access Barista Magazine anytime and anywhere you want, any article or ad or anything we publish, from your laptop.

And it has a way cool search feature, too: Just type in a name or a thing or whatever you want, and iMag will take you directly to it. Issues will be available to view on our site for a full year.

You wouldn’t believe how many people from around the world email us to ask for a sample issue so they can check out Barista Magazine from the comfort of their home in Azerbaijan or Wales or Guinea-Bissau. Now they won’t have to wait for the mail; they can simply click into an issue from their computer.

Are we worried we’ll lose subscribers to the actual magazine by doing this? Not at all. Barista Magazine’s readership is comprised of intellectuals and artists, visionaries and collectors. We think you’ll still want to hold Barista Magazine in your hands and keep it in your resource library.

But brainiacs that you are, Barista Magazine readers love their laptops (and iPhones). They use them to chat with friends and read up on trends and equipment (not to mention music and art and all things pop culture). So we think you’ll probably like having immediate access to Barista Magazine from your computer, even if your actual issue of the magazine is sitting on your bedside table at home.

Please check out Barista iMag and let us know what you think. And thanks as always for your loyalty and support! Go Blazers!

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