Holiday Reading

Like most people, I  use the Christmas and New Year break to try and catch up on some much needed reading and relaxation. Not having given much thought as to what I might read over the time off I was quite happy when on the Friday before Christmas I recieved a lovely surprise in my inbox.

Actually to tell the truth  I was blown away by what was sent to me.

A little over 12 years ago I was given my first job as a barista by a man who has now become my mentor and close friend. This same person later gave me my first opportunity to attend an SCAA show and WBC in Miami in 2001, and my first trip to Origin to the Cup of Excellence in Brazil  in 2002. To say he has influenced my development and guided my journey in the coffee industry is an understatement.

As a  well known figure  in the Australian and international coffee industries, with a particular focus on espresso coffee, Instaurator is a unique pioneer known for his constant questioning and pushing of boundaries (and his unusual name!)and in my eyes for his unquestionable ethics and always  allowing taste to guide his coffee journey. He has been writing over the last three years about his 26 years working around the globe, the people, the places and the theories.  Now the book is just about finished, due to be published in early 2008.

I was (and am) completely humbled and honoured that he would ask for my comments and allow me to read his story before just about anyone else, so I just had to share that with you all at B-Mag (I don’t have my own blog!)

So Inni, this is my way of saying thanks, not just for allowing me to do so, but for everything you have shared  with me over the last decade and countless others over the last 25 years.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Em! II’ll be seeing Inni next week when he’s in Portland to discuss the book and catch up. After such a rave review from you, I’m all the more excited to check it out.

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