Only Proper

Upon my arrival in Seattle I had to get my priorities outside of work straight, at least two of them: 1) Find a proper bike route on Capitol Hill that will not leave you a ghost cyclist AND 2) Find a bar that serves proper beer, and by proper beer, I mean fine Belgian beer or beer reeking of Cascade hops. Luckily, I have accomplished both of those “personal” priorities. 12th Avenue East on Capitol Hill is a great thoroughfare for cyclists hoping to head north to the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Stumbling Monk serves fine Belgian beer.

Not to take away from any other bar in Seattle (Linda’s Tavern is also a fine establishment, serving the ultimate comfort beer, Lagunitas IPA), but the Stumbling Monk serves a great deal of Trappist beers. Trappist beers should be important to anyone with a taste for beer because they are the all encompasing representation of class and refinement. At the Stumbling Monk you can order an Elysian IPA for $2.50 (which is one of the grandest steals of this time for such a fine beer) or a bottle of fine Trappist beer for $6. Either way, you and your palette wins.

As I write this post and you read it, this has the potential of being a very self-centered post, but I am just looking out for my barista friends who may be travelling to Coffeefest and the 2007 NWRBC.

Back to the point: Trappist Beers. Not to be redundant, but they do represent class and refinement. Read about them here and here. And the name Michael Jackson does not only apply to pop singers, but also one of the foremost advocates for quality beer, and it is such a strange parallel he passed away so close to Alfred Peet(and yes, I did work for Peet’s for a week).


  1. mmm… the monk, thanks for reminding of this fine place. I’ll make sure to stop by in November now that you’ve also reminded me where it is…


  2. I don’t know how long you have been away from Seattle but if it is beer you are looking for beer you should have. Try Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont.

    Don’t be fooled by the “cafe” portion of their name as I don’t recall seeing any coffee. This is a proper Belgian Cafe with a thick three ring binder full of beer selections and a proper Belgian inspired menu. It should be a great substitute for the Horse Brass, and is a block off the Lake Union canal in Fremont.

  3. You are making me homesick for Seattle. Stumbling Monk has had its way with me on several memorable (and several difficult to remember) occasions. I also suggest periodically peeking at the beer list at HopVine on 15th. They get an exclusive Rogue Contraband IPA from time to time (I’m told it uses the original LaConner IPA recipe) that is f-ing magnificent.

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