24 Hours

Man, we love the Oregon coast. On Wednesday at around noon, we decided to cut out of work early, pack some beers in a cooler, grab the tent and the dog and go camping. For one night. We’d be back at our desks in 24 hours.

We needed this. True, it’s been a great summer so far. We’ve taken some fun trips and have been enjoying planning our wedding — it hasn’t stressed us out or been anything but exciting. We’re excited about going to Sweden for the Nordic Barista Cup in a little over a week. After we get back though, we’ll be in wedding mode until The Big Day, October 19. We freakin needed to go camping. Stat.


And since school has started, we looked forward to empty beaches and no screaming children. We headed for Nehalem Bay.


It was just us and the senior citizens. Ken made one of his famous campfires, and we walked on the beach.


We ate bagels and lox and cookies and cheese, and talked about this and that. The dog chased some squirrels and played in the ocean. We woke up early and French pressed some coffee, and Ken made a morning campfire. We stopped for crab sandwiches on the way back, had a picnic. And then we were home again. 24 hours made all the difference.