There are few guys as sweet and humble as Nick Griffith, but sweet and humble don’t win no prizes in barista competitions, yo! So Nick brought the skills necessary to win the top prize this past weekend in Los Angeles at the Western Regional Barista Competition.


The photo above shows Nick right after his finals performance at the United States Barista Championship last year in Minneapolis. And it’s safe to assume he’s done nothing but get better since then.


I love this picture (above) Ken snapped at the announcement of the finalists in Minneapolis. Being hugged by his wife, Shar, Nick is talking on the phone to his daughter, Lily, telling her that dad is gonna be in the national finals the next day.

It was a virtual sweep by Intelligentsia Coffee at yesterday’s finals in Los Angeles, with Nick taking first, Devin Pedde earning second (in only his second year of competing!!) and vet Ryan Willbur earning third. Only a little over one month til the nationals in Portland, Ore., where Western champion Nick will get an automatic pass to the semi finals due to his regional champ amazingness status. Yet another reason Portland’s so awesome.


Ohhh, it’s gonna be good! Stay tuned for news about the Midwest Regional next weekend, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regionals the weekend after that, and the Southeast Regional the weekend after that. Four champs to come in the next 3 weeks — let’s hope Marcus Boni gets a chance to sleep before the USBC.

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  1. Oh, goodness, I seem to have left a regional off the list! Rounding out the momentous weeks of regionals will be the Great Lakes Regional, hosted by Coffee Masters and held in conjunction with Coffee Fest Chicago, Feb. 20-22. Barista Mag will be on the ground at that one providing coverage.

    Nick, I’ll email you that photo. It’s a keeper! See you soon!

  2. I’ve never seen that photo. I love it.
    Thank you Sarah and Ken.
    See you in P-Town!!

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